So how do we step up and help? Sometimes this can be as simple as checking in with someone if you see something brewing, or it can involve getting a group of others together to stop something harmful happening. The most important thing is to make sure you are safe when you help out.


Be aware of what is happening around you, if you notice anything disrespectful or harmful happening try to step in as early as possible. Trust your gut! If it feels like whatever you see happening isn’t okay, then it probably isn’t!


We can all do something to help out if something harmful is happening. If everybody says to themselves “someone else will do it,” it is possible that nobody will help out. If something was happening to one of our mates or our family, we would probably help out. If we weren’t there we would hope that someone else would help them. 


You need a game plan for the situation you are in. If you’re unsure of what’s the right move, get others to help you work it out. Think about what will keep everyone safe. If you are worried about your safety, or someone else's, you can call 111 or ask an adult to help.

Hot tips for choosing a strategy:

  • Check out if it’s safe for you to act
  • Get others involved whenever you can
  • Get help if you need it at any time
  • Do not use violence – it can escalate the situation and cause more harm
  •  Approach people in a friendly way
  • Be clear and honest whenever you can
  • Check in with a safe adult if you don’t feel safe to step in yourself.


Do it!