5. sex, technology
and respect

When is comes to sexual stuff, whether on a phone or online, the same rules apply: saying, doing or sending sexual messages, images or recordings to others needs to be done with respect and consent! Technology can be great, but remember just because it's on a screen, in a text, or on Snapchat, it doesn't mean it's okay for everyone.




Porn is not reality when it comes to sex

We know there is a LOT of porn on the internet. It’s normal to be curious, but remember:

  • If you are wanting to get some tips or knowledge about sex, remember that sex shown in porn is very different from real life.
  • A lot of porn can be very disrespectful or violent, especially towards women, and does not show consent.

Remember: Porn is not illegal in New Zealand but there are age restrictions associated with it. It’s illegal for anyone to send age restricted porn to people under 18. It’s also illegal to have or send anything that’s considered ‘objectional material’, for example involving children or extreme violence.

Porn which includes children is child abuse.  Report it to an adult or helpline so they can help stop it.  

sending sexy txt's, snapchats
and images (sexting)

Some people may send sexually explicit texts or images to someone else. It might be to a partner as something sexy or intimate between two people or it might be to someone else as a joke or prank.

What’s the big deal?

  • If you are under 18, it is illegal to send anyone naked or sexual images of yourself.
  • It is also illegal to forward sexual images of other people under 18 or post them on a site like Facebook.
  • No matter how old you are it’s illegal to view anything considered ‘objectional’.

 It’s normal to want to try out new things when you are being intimate with a partner.

But when it comes to sending personal sexual messages or images, it’s important to think about who has control over it once the image is sent.   

Before you send something to your BF/GF/partner, check with them about keeping it just between you, getting them to set up a locked folder with a passcode which can hold the images, or deleting it after they receive it.

Remember, once you have sent an image, it is out of your control what happens to it.

It is disrespectful if anyone pressures you to send them sexual messages or images, or to take images of you without your consent when doing sexual stuff together

Getting help

Youthline: 0800 376 633 or free txt 234

Netsafe: www.netsafe.org.n