2. How can you tell if someone
is giving their consent?


Consent may look and sound like:

  • Yes!
  • I really want to...
  • This feels great!
  • I want you/this/that
  • Can we do more of that?
  • This feels right
  • Undressing

No consent may look and sound like:

  • No
  • Stop
  • I feel scared
  • I’m not sure I want to do this
  • That hurts
  • Silence
  • I want to, but not right now
  • Slurred words
  • This feels wrong
  • Moving away
  • Crying
  • Putting clothes back on

Consent needs to be a part of every sexual experience. Someone staying silent or saying maybe is not consent. People can change their mind at anytime whether it’s before anything actually happens, or half way through. Consent is not a contract.

Sex without consent is sexual violence and is never okay.