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Consent is a free agreement made together for any sexual situations or experiences.

We define consent as an ENTHUSIASTIC YES!

Consent is sexy because it means both people are into it. It’s a very important part of a respectful sexual relationship!

Consent is really important when it comes to any kind of sexual experience. It’s important that everyone involved is keen on anything sexual that is happening. 

Consent is a free agreement between people who might want to do sexual stuff together. When we say free agreement, we aren’t talking about cost, we mean free as in people feel free to say how they really feel about something, without feeling pressured into doing something that they don’t want to do.

Another way to think about consent is as an 'enthusiastic yes'. Enthusiastic means you are really excited and keen to do something. If and when you choose to do sexual stuff it's your choice and you shouldn't be doing it if you feel you have to.

Consent is about getting clear ‘Yes’ messages and knowing for sure that anyone you are with is all good with what is happening. If you aren’t sure if someone is consenting to something, stop and ask them how they’re feeling. Always remember that consent is not a contract, and you can change your mind at any time.