If you or your friend decides they want to report the sexual violence to the police, you can call the police yourself or there are people who have worked with the police before who can help you. If you want to,  you can have a professionally trained person with you who can support you.  Ask the police about this when you call or call a local sexual violence specialist agency.

You can ring up any police station and ask to speak to someone about a sexual assault or you can call 09 302 6200 for the sexual assault team at Puawaitahi in Auckland.

If the case goes to court it may be months, in some cases a year or more, before the court date comes up. The court process can be really tough, so it is important to have support people who can help you through this process. Auckland Sexual Abuse HELP or Counselling Services Centre are two great places in Auckland where you can call up for support when going through the court system.

Click below for places you can ring for more info on the court procedure for sexual violence.


If you think your own behaviour may be harming someone, you deserve help too. While you might feel ashamed, you’re actually being a lot braver by talking to someone about it.

These organisations can help you if you are in danger of committing sexual violence and you can call them yourself, anonymously if you want to.

Safe Network Auckland: 09 377 9898
Wellstop Wellington: 04 566 4745
Stop Trust Christchurch: 03 353 0257